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    Packaged (discounted) prepaid hours, or ad hoc assistance at your request

Managed IT Services

For business, for home – for everywhere.
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    Be proactive.

    24/7 system monitoring and unlimited remote support for a monthly rate

IT Consulting

With knowledge comes power.
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    Project assessments, staff training, network security auditing – and more

Think Techies helps businesses thrive
by putting their most important goals within reach.

In order to thrive in today’s markets, we must optimize our use of technology. Our consulting expertise covers a broad spectrum of services: providing business start-up tech strategies; conducting IT audits of any scale; outlaying competent web marketing packages, including corporate branding; data analysis and security compliance; and more.

All Think Techies technical support compromises a combination of both – remote support and on-site assistance. Support can be purchased on an hourly, monthly, or prepaid basis. All support plans are designed to fit companies with specific IT needs, as well as a specific budget.

Our support services cover a wide range of technical fields – remote support, computer repair, software purchases, business solutions, web solutions, hosting services, and more… We’ve built trustworthy relationships with leading vendors and have established exclusive partnerships which, combined with our profound experience, facilitates minimizing client costs while maximizing results.

Think Techies can help you simplify your busy day-to-day activities and create free time for home or for business. Using today’s complex technology to its fullest capabilities can seem overwhelming – but in the end, it makes our lives simpler, and Think Techies is here to help. No matter what your issue – do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

Explore Our Comprehensive Services

If you are a business that relies on computers to operate then you are in need of some form of IT support at some point in time. Think Techies takes pride in helping their customer in understanding what they have, when it can fail, and what steps should be taken to prevent failure and replace in case of failure.

Nothing in this world lasts forever and technology equipment is among the lowest for life expectancy. Let us help you get the most out of your equipment so you get your best value out of every purchase.

Moving to a new location? No problem, we can help.

When a company moves to a new location, it is fairly easy to forget to consider the smallest of details which can wind up creating biggest headaches. It is crucial to have your network set up properly, your equipment moved with care, and your business speedily returning to activity so you can hit the ground running at your new location, with zero down time.

Time is money. Make sure your office move doesn’t cost you.

Are you in the medical, legal, or insurance sector? Do you keep confidential client data on your network?

If you do ask about our complimentary Security Audit service. Our experts are current on all HIPPA compliances and will analyze your practices and tell you where you may have potential security leaks. Don’t let one bad password ruin your business.

Regardless of your industry – network and computer security should be a top priority for everyone. Business and home networks can both be easily compromised, and one breach can introduce troves of personal data to hackers.

Think Techies makes sure you have the best antivirus software, antimalware, and security policies in place.

As technology has us working faster and more efficiently, our data accumulation and organization can become confusing or feel burdensome. Think Techies offers an array of cloud services which save businesses money while providing optimal cloud environments and solutions for securely accessing data across multiple devices and networks.

Services may include incremental data backups, hosted email migrations and archiving cloud server deployments, private VPN setup, and advanced WiFi or office network engineering.

Contact Think Techies today for a free estimate for your next data management upgrade.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) System is a cost-effective way to communicate over the phone. Instead of transmitting voice through copper wires your voice travels over the Internet through packet switching.

  • Fully Redundant
  • Multiple Points of Failover in Case of Emergency
  • No Contract!
  • We only deal with Business clients so we can fully devote our time and attention to you instead of individuals in private residences.

Are you expanding or planning to open a new office? Our experts are up to date on the latest equipment available and custom pick hardware based on your specific needs. Contact us today with any questions you may have relating to a new office or if you need to upgrade your existing office.

Our service professionals can assist you in setting up a home network or home office, as well as construct a home network accompanied with entertainment systems and other high end automated house control features. Whether it is security, remote control, or leisure – our technicians can deliver your networked needs so you can stay connected and keep your time at home stress-free.

Do you know what you have for your network infrastructure or server equipment? If you’re like most companies, you probably know it works and that’s it. While there’s nothing wrong with the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

You should always know what you have, how old it is, and it’s end-of-life cycle. Initial consultations are always free in case you would like to know what you have and when you should consider replacing it. It’s better to know something will fail soon than have it fail and you can’t work at all.

Think Techies can provide you with data recovery and repair for several different types of data loss and hardware. From accidental deletions to catastrophic hardware failures, we will assess the damage and provide you with a free recovery quote. Data loss is commonly experienced due to:

  • Accidental file deletion, formatting, and/or user error
  • File corruptionElectronic and media damage
  • Hardware failures
  • Damage from viruses and malicious software
  • Fire, smoke, water and environmental damage

Types of data recovery:

  • Emergency Recovery Services – 24/7
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • Windows Data Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Server Data Recovery
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • SSD Recovery
  • Camera Data Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Computer Forensic Services

As a Microsoft Partner, Think Techies offers all Microsoft cloud services along with our specialized configuration and support. Take advantage of these free trials:

Business Trial

Install all Microsoft Office applications on your desktop or PC. This trial invitation includes:

  • 25 user licenses Office 365 Business Premium Trial
  • Option for Think Techies delegated administration

Business Premium Trial

Install all Microsoft Office applications on your desktop or PC, PLUS hosted Microsoft Exchange email. This trial invitation includes:

  • 25 user licenses Office 365 Business Premium Trial
  • Option for Think Techies delegated administration

Purchase a Microsoft Exchange cloud hosted mailbox with 50 GB of storage, shared calendars, archiving capabilities, web access, and more, all for:


Meet the Team


Paul Testagrossa

Managing Director

Paul Testagrossa is an experienced IT consultant and network administrator and is a leading business partner at Think Techies. After attending Boston University College of Engineering, Paul’s skill set developed quickly through gaining experience in multiple industries, and this versatility has enabled Think Techies to become a successful and reliable organization for an array of services.

In accordance with the mission of the company, Paul dedicates himself to making the newest and most advanced technologies easy for anyone and everyone to utilize in achieving everyday goals:

“Technology is only useful when it is simple enough for its users to comprehensively employ, seamlessly in our lives; otherwise, it becomes a burden and, therefore, anti-productive.”


Aleks Dzyuba

Information Technology Specialist

Aleks Dzyuba  is the newest member to the team bringing 5 years of fast paced call center experience for Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Mr. Dzyuba holds 15 years of prior experience dealing with customers in several employment fields. He stays up to date on the latest gadgets and security practices in today’s ever changing technological world.

Aleks’ mission as an Information Technology Specialist is to provide customers with the best service as humanly possible. Aleks’ supreme attention to detail is recognized by a number of loyal clients, and his dedication to prove himself time and again allows customers to rely on Think Techies. Aleks understands the necessity for painlessly experiencing technology and today’s modern demands for inexpensive computing solutions.

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